Rhizome Networks LTD

Stratify the world with state-oriented layers of contents and functionality

Have your personal glass to share with friends
Network of experts that assist on-site/on-app using unique website/app facets
Cross web reviews
The event is the sharing context.
Layers of help widgets across your domains or apps.
Have you ever thought of sharing texts you write in forms?
Products info and users experience get far beyond the bounties of single website or shop.
Associate widgets with weather conditions.
Associate widgets with time and occurrences.
Track anything by sharing tracking space for it on this glass.
Share widgets in association with places and locations.
Have you ever taught of but noise as trigger for sending "miss you" message?
Invent your own sharing contexts. After all, you can create whatever 'glass' you think about, give it its properties and share it with others.
The metaphor of web in the eyes of Rhizome Networks

The web as network of linked sites is well known metaphor. Rhizome Networks offer new metaphor for the web and beyond it. Not one that replace the traditional metaphor but one extend it by N'th dimensions:
The web of strata

Using its Content Glass technology, Rhizome Networks suggest a new way to look on web and developing it. Combining the traditional 'browsing' together with 'reflection' from glasses. A Glass is layer of state-oriented information. A Glass is 'context' for sharing and exposing information.

Content Glass is about creating cross-web dimensions of information. It is not limited to websites or apps. It can be all around. Any context may have one or more related Glasses. And the information on these glasses is reflected depending on predefined state.

Information is represented as widgets. Widgets may be visual or not. And widgets are invoked or presented on some given state. We call it
State Oriented Sharing

Rhizome Networks is aim to stratify the world with layers that provide a context for spreading state-oriented information in the form of CG-Widgets.

What We Offer

Content Glass

Content Glass is a platform that provides SDKs for creating applications that stratify the world with state-oriented layers of contents and functionality. We launched its first version that can run on sites, as chrome plugin and as Shopify app.

Our current mission is bringing content-glass vision to fruition having cross-web sharing, highly customized widgets, custom mage glasses, controlling the sharing states and more. We plan Glass2 to be launched during 2018.

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We have bunk of ideas and apps we would like to share with partners. It is very simple: we create prototypes of concept that can stand by their own and be the core of a new startup companies. We then partner with groups that have the ability and will to bring this app to fruition.

Sound interesting? please contact below.


We provide consulting services to startup and other companies.

Data mining?
Server side?
Client side?
Conversion robots?
Full Stack?
Software Architecture?

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Smart sites Low Budget Solution

We create smart websites based on Drupal content-management framework. Unlike informative sites, these sites have some business-logic encapsulated in their backend. This way, relatively low-budget can achieve functionality that otherwise would cost years to develop.

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Software development

Full Stack software development force.

  • Server Side core programming.
  • Client side programming.
  • Integrations with APIs.
  • Data mining using multiple approaches.
  • Framework design.
  • Sophisticated content-management systems.
  • Web applications.
  • Peer to Peers applications.
  • Conversation robots.
  • Shopify, Slack, Facebook, Google apps and more.
  • Chrome plugins.
  • Hybrid web clients.

Software Architecture Driven By Experience

Many of our apps uses highly flexible content-management system that save years of codding amd mage you system configurable and extensible by design. Many of SaaS services are content-management oriented. However most of core developers are not familiar with techniques of using content-management framework and the result is that you R&D time is devoted to developing content-management from scratch. Good news is that you could save this R&D time.

This is only an example of the difference between going blindly after codding trends and feature oriented R&D driven by years of experience. Software programming is not about creating the last trend and using it. It is about creating features that serve some product. The product comes first!

Common Sense Driven R&D

You maybe have a great developers but not all developers have enough experience to architect software. The result of this lack of experience, many times is that developers simply collect lots of APIs and compose them together. And as result of that conceptual mistake, the system size and complexity get totally out of proportions.

After few months you discover that you developed huge system just to support few simple report or uer-entry pages. But you must move forward, offer new things to market but then, BANG!!!! any move forward becomes slow or impossible, simply because the system is too complicated to support your simply required features. The good news are that this is not a must!

We offer you balanced approach with an ability to mix wisely between open-source and in-house codding. Yes there is such thing in-house codding, and unlike many other consultants and software developer we are not afraid of it.

Why Consultation?

Because this is currently our main funding stream.

But this is not end by that. Our relations with the Freelancers and Entrepreneurs is rooted in our Content Glass business-model. We aim ro partner with project-groups that would like to take some of our suggested content-glass application and bring it to fruition.

Any of the slide above, as wel as those that are not presented, is an opportunity for partnership

You may also consider Content-Glass app for your business and we would love to develop if for you. This maybe simple add-on app that extend your website with new functionality, but this can also be a concept app, maybe a "Glass" app that provide cross-web layer of contxtual information related with your business.

Who We Are
Gilad Tiram גלעד טירם

Gilad Tiram

CEO & Founder

Gilad has 19 years of experience in the software industry with broad experience that cover various roles and practices

  • Technical support
  • Short time as QA
  • Software developer
  • Software architect
  • Team leader
  • Technological leader and R&D knowledge manager
  • Internet marketing
  • Practice with writing patent application
  • Site content.
  • Technical documentation (for R&D use)
  • CEO, R&D manager and administrative manager in Rhizome Networks
Require co founder for Marketing & Business Development


Marketing & Business Development

Marketing and sales oriented. Detecting potential partners and manage project-groups partnerships. Spread the message and generate contacts.

* This is a Co-founder position.

Require co founder for Investing and Business Development


Financial Partner

Understand company vision and willing to bring money in. Help with detecting and contacting partners for project groups. If you are Angel, VC or interested company please contact?

* This is a Co-founder or Investor position.